European Police Lieutenant ~ Extract from Legends of the Dragonfly

Rex: European Police Lieutenant Malaya Federation Police. Batang Berjuntai Jungle Fort 1952

These heroes were your corporals, European Police Sergeants and later European Police Lieutenants, all Junior Officers. The Communist Malayan People Anti-British Army represented only the interest of the Chinese immigrant squatters who were displaced non-citizens. They had no interest at all in Malay culture or the rights of the indigenous Malay people who were ruled by their Sultans for centuries. The Malayan Communist Party MCP in 1948 waged an unjustified ruthless guerrilla war to overthrow the British and her loyal colonial subjects. Renaming themselves the Malayan Peoples Liberation Army, they became better known as CT bandits, their areas of control deep in the jungles of Malaya bandit country. The Federation of Malaya Police regulars initially were no match militarily against the combat experienced (former Malayan People Anti-Japanese Army ~ Force 136 Malaya) CTs, original designation for Chinese Terrorists but later, became known as communist terrorists. It was nothing short of a miracle, how combat veterans, initially from British controlled Palestine before it became the state of Israel were pooled together to form up and train rather hurriedly, the new Federation of Malaya Police Special Constables as an effective viable paramilitary police force.

This is the story of one European Police Lieutenant and the brave special constables who served in theatre with him, many who lost their lives fighting against a 10,000 strong former MPAJA large formidable well-equipped Marxist inspired guerrilla army during the Malaya Emergency 1947 to 1960. This book is dedicated to their memory.