Legends of the Dragonfly

Early days at the Police Outpost in Batang Berjuntai in the Malayan state of Kuala Selangor

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Captain Rex Officer Commanding D Troop at the Jungle Fortress in Batang Berjuntai in the Malayan state of Kuala Selangor (Malaya Emergency 1952) at the height of the Malaya Emergency 1947 to 1960

I have been asked by avid readers of my Dragonfly true life genres if there will be a book two? Perhaps possibly a book three of Dragonfly based on my late father’s journals. I would love to continue writing more on the subject if there is still a demand for it. With fond memories of former British colonialism Far East adventures during the ebbing days of the British Empire. I would like to thank all my readers and friends for their support and interest in my work. I hope you enjoy this submission, “Legends of the Dragonfly “as much as I have writing it. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, sometimes with tears in my eyes remembering it all again. This work is based upon a collaboration of ideas plus my childhood memories of my father. The work is taken from five journals that Rex, my soldier of fortune father left behind. The stories he wrote were assembled many years after which accounts for some gaps or varying quality in the writings. History is usually defined by the survivors of conflict, but many other brave local men and women were killed in the struggle during the Malayan war fighting against communist bandits in isolated villages. There remains to this day, a great deal of omitted, redacted or politically sensitive historical events missing that was made by those serving at the lower end of the chain of command.

 Author Vincent Hancock 10th March 2020                 

Rex European Police Sergeant commanding A Troop at the Jungle Fortress in Batang Berjuntai in the Malayan state of Kuala Selangor (Malaya Emergency 1949)

Excerpt from my book, "Legends of the Dragonfly ~ Fighting the Communist during the Malaya Emergency, 1947 - 1960.

Q Squads
.45acp De Lisle Commando carbines

The picture on the left shows two Q Squad personnel with a captured Malaya Communist Flag standard taken after a deep jungle penetration operation in the ulu. Ulu is a British Army slang for jungle. To get these flags means you had to go very deep in country to find these CT bandits were hiding out and eliminate them inside their secret jungle base. This picture also shows two men from a little-known classified unit called Q squads who dressed as the enemy in order to get up close to them. Q squads were adapted and became A Teams in Nam. I talk about this in book 2 of Dragonfly. When you consider that the Communist Bandits gave no quarter and murdered after brutally torturing both civilians, local police and the military, being taken prisoner is no longer an option. When these bandits during the early days of the conflict attacked in platoon or company strength small police outposts, the police officers would often fight to the death rather than surrender to the CTs.