The Railway Line ~ Excerpt from Legends of the Dragonfly

The rail scout-car was visible in the distance now; a dark silhouette outlined by the beam of its own search light., probing the darkness each side of the track as it approached. ‘Cover’, Yip ordered as he moved immediately seeking concealment in the shrubbery along the railway embankment. She forced herself not to run after him, though all her femininity screamed within her for his protection. In one leap she was clear of the railway and rolling through the shrubbery of the opposite embankment, coming to a sudden halt with a thump face down beneath the foliage of a small tree. The noise of the approaching vehicle was louder now, each sweep of its search light illuminating the embankment in a blaze of brilliance which had a strange effect on her.

She felt sick, ice cold her body was in the warm heat of the tropical night; fear clutching at her pounding heart. Quivering, she repressed her instinct to burrow her way to safety like some small animal far beneath the ground and forced her body to remain still and quiet. She was sure they would see her, and waited for the sudden clatter of machine-gun fire, the ultimate reward for discovery. Death at the hands of these counter revolutionary running dogs who had subverted the people’s revolution and taken control of the state. She dug her fingers into the soft earth, her body tort against the expected fusillade of bullets that would rip through her flesh and spill her blood red up on this poor soil of the people. I will die, she thought but not for the people’s revolution.