Malim Nawar perak malaya 1949

Sergeant Zainal and myself at Malim Nawar Perak 1949

The Sungai Siput Incident  

On the morning of 16 June 1948 three European estate managers were murdered in two separate incidents in the Malayan Federation state of Perak by members of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). Known as the  Sungai (means river) Siput (means snail) incident, this tragic event kicked off the beginning of the Malayan Emergency on 16th June 1948. Three European plantation managers were murdered at Sungai Siput, Perak in two different rubber estate namely the Elphil estate and Phin Soon estate. Malim Nawar is a small little town in the Malayan state of Perak back in 1949. This area was my first posting to help deal with the communist terrorist threat to the European plantation managers who worked and lived there. 

I like to write my journals up whilst they are still clear in my own mind. I have always had a hobby, an activity which I enjoy doing to keep my mind sharp the last days of my life on earth. Though I think myself more of a connoisseur of the unique experience, rather than just a mere collector of thoughts and deeds. When I was a younger man, I looked at other people and saw that I had a decision to make. I could run with the pack or go it alone making my own way in life outside the mediocrity of mundane daily routines. I decided that I would be in advance of the others. A lifetime spent in mediocrity or one day the hero. I chose to live each day to the full until my time ends, or my next adventure comes. The two love birds and heart tattoo on my right arm bear the name of my first English wife Pamela. It is the only tattoo I have.