It's a kind of love ~ Excerpt from Legends of the Dragonfly

One of the features of plantation life out here during the Malaya Emergency are the many extra marital affairs that take place in the dead of night. Many a plantation worker has been caught outside of curfew hours seeing to another plantation man’s wife’s business. Perhaps it is all just innocent foreplay, but I rather my men not waste precious time writing up reports about people’s extra marital lifestyles or sordid affairs. But in all the heat, the humidity, and the danger out here, what else is there to do when boredom kicks in? Ruth is beautiful snuggled beneath her pink quilt, breaking into the realm of dreams on the rose drawn divan.

Curled in my favourite chair, I break the peace of early morning allowing my mind to regurgitate the forelock of time, those snippets of sensations gleaned from the whirlpool of life. She is on the rebound my young friend and wants to get away from it all. Ruth came into my circle in a timely fashion with loving embraces and who am I to deny her sexual interlock. Are we not all creatures of sexual wanton chemistry? Do not get me wrong, I will when the situation warrants it, always welcome the embrace of a willing woman I feel attracted to and especially if she feels the same way too. But having sex for sex sake via the animal procreation instinct is not for me. I must feel something for the female I engage with in sexual embrace, otherwise what the heck is the point of it all? I have never forced it on anyone. Hopefully even if it is short lived, the girl in question will feel something for you also.