Q Squads 

Q Squad with captured Malayan communist flag

A great deal of secrecy surrounds Q Squad Operations in Malaya during the Emergency even today. The British Special Intelligence Service, the Malayan Secret Service, Special Branch and specially selected jungle fighters were formed into Q Squads to the North and the South of the Malayan peninsula. Q Squads were a highly motivated and well-trained section of Para-Military style Malayan Police Officers led by a European sergeant or Police Lieutenant masquerading as Communist Terrorist. One of many strategies used during Q Operations was the creation of a mock CT Jungle Camp. As the terrorist were not in constant radio contact with other CT gangs in the area, this ploy worked when using former turned Communist Terrorist insurgents to stage the mock bandit camp as a working model. Once the real bandits were at ease and off their guard inside the camp, the Q Squad would during the night to remove the real bandits’ weapons and ammunition.