Dagonfly  Soldier of Fortune 

The adventures of an itinerant soldier of fortune 

during the second millennia of the twentieth century.

Rex Peace Officer ID card image 10/09/1949
L1935 9×19mm Parabellum Lahti Pistol (Finland)
Japanese 8×22mm Nambu Pistol (Tropical Zones)
Seven of my  private security contractors at Johore Bahru Malaya in 1948

Dragonfly ~ Soldier of Fortune (Book Three)
The adventures of an itinerant soldier of fortune during the second millennia of the twentieth century. 

If you have read the final chapter of book two, this armoured train car at the top of this page will make sense to you. In 1948, I contracted and military combat trained a group of twenty-four Malayan mercenaries for specialised security services. I found gainful employment with rubber and palm oil plantation owners in Johore Bahru in Malaya to protect their lives and expensive real estate from the well organised and determined communist bandits’ attacks on their investments and property. Initially I used area floodlighting using a series of light bulbs away from my defensive positions. I also applied trip flares and barbed wire field defences with my men well dug in around the estate bungalows but switched later when I had access to second world war anti-personnel mines to defend these isolated plantation estates. The Communist terrorist could not see us, but we could see them. If they attempted to cross my machine gun dugouts and emplacements, they would be cut down. No plantation estate under my protection ever got infiltrated during my time as a private security contractor defending them. This method at that time proved to be a resounding success and I recommended that it should have been cascaded on to other locations as soon as possible. But my mercenary lifestyle unknown to me at the time was about to be short lived as the British colonial government in Malaya had other ideas and intentions for my immediate future.

Author's note: If there is to be a third Dragonfly book , it will almost certainly be about this missing area between my two publish Dragonfly books.