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By the Tale of the Dragonfly by Vincent Hancock 2019 edition
Wadung Wijaya

Wow...great book! As an avid reader, I don't say that too often. I'm not sure where to friendship with the author, my respect for his son, the unrequited desire to meet Rex? Well, I guess I need to ignore all that and get down to the book itself. The journal style of this book is well-suited to the material. But to me, the subject matter is even more riveting. Rex was part of "The Greatest Generation". The more we look at this generation, we find remarkable people involved in incredible events, in both war and peace. They lived in both. Sometimes they brought one into the other. This book conveys that reality. I know I spend my days in awe of their accomplishments. I found it really easy to "get lost" in this book. There is adequate explanation for terms and other things the reader may not be familiar with. At no time did I did I feel it was condescending, even when the subject matter was something I knew something about. One could argue that Rex's experiences were all "larger than life"...but, I'd remind the reader that he only wrote in his journal when the experiences were extraordinary. It was the mundane experiences in between the journal entries that we are all most familiar with. The author and Rex never bore the reader with all of that. Yes, Rex experienced incredible things, and we yearn to examine and achieve those things ourselves. But, never forget the unsaid familiar parts that we all experience...that Rex experienced as well.

Another aspect of the journals and indeed the author's writing style is how conversational it all is. It was never too technical or too dry in the telling. Many times I felt that Rex was just speaking conversationally through his journals and the author. I tend to read and watch movies the same way. Multiple times...usually at least three. Once purely for the entertainment, once for the technical details, and once for the aspect of writing or of movie making. If I really enjoy the book or the movie I'll read or watch it again. Sometimes, again and again. That being said, I've read this book about eight times in about 6 or 7 days. It is a "page-turner" for me. With this book, I have put aside the day-to-day experiences of my life and have seen the reality of someone else's life. It is fascinating to me. I literally couldn't bring myself to put it down. I am looking forward to the next book as I have some unanswered questions. So yes...I feel the need for the next book.
Book Review 05/09/2020 by  veteran Ken Erichson United States Air Force